Getting expert advice on something as important as your job is just smart.
Jill Walser has been helping people find jobs for more than 15 years. She brings her experience, sense of humor, business savvy and common sense together for one goal – to help you land a job.

I love working with executives who haven’t written a resume in over 20 years.
Often, they come to me with no idea how to quantify accomplishments in an interesting way, both in writing and in person (during the interview). Hiring teams don’t only care about what prospective employees did in their previous jobs, they care about what they did well.

If an award was won, employers want to know what successes occurred to win it and how many others were competing for it. This is true for employees at all levels. I will help you to come up with evidence of greatness, so you will stand apart from your competition whose resumes only convey job duties.

Finding a job can be frustrating.
You have tried everything you can think of to find work and now you have decided to get professional assistance. Smart move! I can help you find the ideal job for you, put together a strategic resume and teach you how to conduct yourself through the interview with grace and confidence. Due to my personalized approach, my success rate is very high. Let’s work together to show off your skills to their best advantage.